Time to dust out my livejournal

WOW! It was 2009 the last time I posted??


SO what has happened to me since then:


I did my mandatory service in the finnish military (it took me 9 months and I'm a Medic there). Jan 2010-october 2010.


I found a job and worked there for 6 months Novemner 2010-may 2011. I quit the job on wednesday becouse the boss was a Grade A B*tch


Now I'm enjoying life and trying to find a summer job.. (Interviews for 2 different jobs tomorrow :P)


I'm still reading Oh No They Didn't on a daily basis (been there for 4 years now, lurking and stuff)..  I even read Oh No They Didn't during my military service.. Every time i had free time and access to internet I was there..


So once again I send my request to gain membership, I hope they accept me this time... I'd love to post there..

p.s. Here is me with my friend Celebrating Finland's victory in the hockey world championships last Sunday.. The party was at Senaatintori, Helsinki on monday and about 100 000 people attented it.. I'm the one with the awful heaircut and a referee shirt on :P

Me and Friend at the Finnish hockey world championship party @ Senaatintori


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I'm having a huge dilemma

I know no one on livejournal So I have no one to add as a friend. Which means I can't get access to topmodel and ontd communityes... And the only livejournals I follow are Elyse sewell and the 2 mentioned before.. Elyse is on a break so I can't start writing her comments to make me "active"

Why must the lurkers be hated.. Anyone randomly poppin here can add me.. 

I think I'll just start posting random comments on random people and adding people I don't know.. 

Another cycle of antm

And again I will try to get myself on the topmodel livejournal community.. I really hope I get accepted this time becouse I see no reason Why I would not get accepted.. I am not a troll, okey :D

out of the five girl revealed so far I like Lulu the most becouse Lulu is a fierce name

p.s. I bought new headphones today and now I'm rocking them out on my computer..
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Am I the only one annoyed with the current cycle of antm. I don't mind them having group shots like every week and I don't mind Tahlia going so far.. (Everyone knows the girls with inspirational stories go far)... I'm fuming about Teyona and the editing she is getting.. I know she is going to win becouse A) She acts bitchy but they highlight others instead of her (Aminat, Sandra, Natalie etc.).. B) She sucks at a photoshoot yet Tyra chooses a picture and throws in an Obama referance so people will not disagree with her C) Her "wind in the face" face has not been criticised yet but everyone else this cycle with unique feutures get shit from Tyra becouse of those features...




P.s. I really hope I get an approval to join the topmodel community since I am not a troll :P


wow talent build

Discipline (51 points)

    5/5 Twin Disciplines
    3/3 Silent Resolve
    2/2 Improved Power Word: Fortitude
    2/2 Martyrdom
    1/1 Inner Focus
    3/3 Meditation
    5/5 Mental Agility
    2/2 Improved Mana Burn
    1/1 Divine Spirit
    2/2 Improved Divine Spirit
    2/2 Focused Power
    5/5 Enlightenment
    3/3 Reflective Shield
    2/2 Renewed Hope
    2/2 Aspiration
    2/3 Divine Aegis
    1/1 Pain Suppression
    2/2 Grace
    5/5 Borrowed Time
    1/1 Penance

Holy (20 points)

    2/2 Healing Focus
    3/3 Improved Renew
    5/5 Holy Specialization
    5/5 Divine Fury
    1/1 Desperate Prayer
    2/2 Holy Reach
    2/2 Searing Light

Shadow (0 points)


Top model finale today!

Mckey ftw..

Oh and there was a post in the topmodel community about letting new members join becouse of the spotlight thing. So I send a new request to join and lets keep our thumps up. Maybe I will be allowed to join in on the conversations
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I made this account so that I could go and post on the topmodel community.. I've been lurking there for about an half of a year and yesterday I decided that I want to join in on the conversation. Well because of trolls and stuff they have a rule that you need to have an account for over 3 months before you can join.. And you need to have posts.. So here is my first one.. 3 months is hmm... in february. I hope I get approved so I can join in on the conversations about cycle 12..

I hope I can comment on Elyse's journal

Mckey ftw! Been rooting for her since I saw the prop picture with Tyra and the Jays

p.s. Today was the birthday party of my goddaughter and I bought her brushes and aquamarines...

She is 2 years old btw
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